Beaudesert Show 2019

What are you working on for the Beaudesert Show this year?

There are a few changes and additions for 2019, so have a read and be inspired.

Below is a list of the Classes. More details will be available when the schedule is printed and it will also available on line via the Beaudesert Show website.

Last year we had a record 302 entries in the Needlework section.

2019 will be bigger and better but it can't be done without you and your sewing.

Don't be shy, as there is no Show without entries.

Call me if you need to ask anything what so ever 0402 309 047.

PS I will also be in need of a few helpers on Wednesday and Thursday before the Show. So if you'd like to help out for a few hours or a day or two I'd love to hear from you :)

Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidered Article - 2019 technique " Candlewicking" The technique will change each year. 3-Piece Duchess Set, Table Centre or Runner Class

Hardanger article

Cross Stitch - framed article Class

Cross Stitch - unframed article Class

Tapestry Article - framed or unframed Class

Any Hand Embroidered Article Not Mentioned


Handkerchief - crochet edge with or without corner

Article of clothing

Pair of Identical Doilies

Kitchen Towel or Hand Towel

Face Washer - crochet edge with corners

Infant's 3 Piece Outfit

Table Centre or Runner

Article using No.20 or No.40 cotton

Article using No.80 or No.100 cotton

3 Pair Booties - 3 different styles or patterns

Shawl, Wrap or Poncho

Knee Rug

Baby Blanket

Scarf - any yarn

Beanie - any yarn

Any Other Article of Crochet not Mentioned


Baby's Bonnet or Beanie with matching Booties or Mittens

Infants 3 Piece Outfit

Jumper or Cardigan

Shawl, Wrap or Poncho

3 Pair Booties - each a different pattern/style

Knee Rug or Baby Blanket

Scarf - any yarn

Beanie - any yarn

Any Other Knitted Article Not Mentioned

Article in Fancy Yarn (excluding scarf or beanie)

Any article knitted by machine

Garment Sewing

Article of clothing using stretch fabric

2 Piece outfit using woven fabric

Garment featuring heirloom sewing techniques


Collared Shirt

Skirt - any style, any fabric

Special Occasion Garment eg: formal, christening, wedding

Garment featuring Machine Embroidery

Garment Using Recycled Materials Include a description / source of materials used

Casual bag or tote

Purse or clutch

Costume or Cosplay garment or outfit


Hand Quilted

Machine Quilted

Art Quilt

Professionally Quilted

Mini quilt - max size 50cm x 50cm

Appliqued Quilt Featuring predominately applique technique and method

Machine Embroidered Quilt Delights


Toy - suitable for display only

Soft Toy - from fabric, suitable and safe for a child

Soft Toy - crocheted or knitted

Cloth Doll - any style, no bought clothes

Teddy Bear - traditional jointed

Teddy Bear - any other style

Retro Revival

Vintage style apron

Shower Cap

Floor rug - any technique

Dishwashing Cloth - knitted or crocheted

Tea cosy - any technique

Macrame article

Market or shopping bag any technique

Any garment made from a vintage pattern. ie: older than 25 years

Accessories and Homewares

Tableware - centre or runner

Wallhanging - any style

Mugrug - a matching pair

Placemats - a set of 4

Casserole Carrier



Oven mitt & potholder suitable for use with hot pans Consider your wadding - include a 1' sample Spinning, Weaving & Felting

Spinning & Skeins

Fine or Lace weight Skeins 25 - 50gms

Medium or Bulky Weight Skeins 100gms

Skein using natural dyes 50-100gms

Skein using commercial dyes 50- 100gms

Article of clothing

Any other article


Novice - entrant has been weaving for less than 2 years

Woven scarf, knee rug, wrap or stole

Length of fabric 2 meters - state purpose

Cushion or Bag

Article of clothing


Novice - entrant has been felting for less than 2 years

Felted article

Hand felted article

Nuno felted article or garment

Senior Classes - Over 75 years


Dress Hanger - any technique

Embroidered Article

Soft Toy

Crochet or Knitted Article

Quilt any technique

Knitted Article

Primary School Student


Casual Bag

Knitted or Crocheted or Macrame Article

Quilted Article

Soft Toy


Any Machine Made Article

High School Student


Casual Bag

Knitted or Crocheted or Macrame Article

Quilted Article

Soft Toy


Any Machine Made Article


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